Maltings at Benriach distillery

Welcome to Malt Madness 4.0!

Is malt whisky sort of “your thing”? Or do you perhaps feel that it could perhaps become “your thing”? Well, in that case this website is for you. Or rather, it will be when it’s finished. It’s still a massive ‘Work In Progress’, but I was motivated to start the work because I now have a few patrons on Patreon that help out with covering the costs that come with running a website. Please consider becoming a patron if you’d like to speed up the reconstruction process.

While I’m working on this new site, you’ll have to check out the old site for loads of (sometimes slightly outdated) information on Scotch malt whisky.

A bottle of rare Allt-A-Bhainne whisky

The old website was established in 1995 and offers (among other things) a Beginner’s Guide to malt whisky, profiles on most malt (and grain) whisky distilleries in Scotland and a Whisky Lexicon covering hundreds of words and phrases from the whisky world,

At the moment there’s very little to see here, but new stuff should be added in the future. Given the current corona-crisis, that future might be some time off though…

More here soon…

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