The reconstruction of Malt Madness: Full Steam Ahead!

The Reconstruction: Full Steam Ahead!

Well…. Perhaps not quite “full steam”…

Over the years I’ve maintained plenty of WordPress websites for employers, but now that I’ve started the reconstruction of the old “Malt Madness” website (est. 1995) I’m struggling a bit. First of all, I’m a bit of a control freak. In the olden days, I had nearly ‘pixel perfect’ control over the way text and images were presented to the people that were visiting the website on their desktop computer. In these days of (relatively) ‘smart’ phones and (relatively) ‘social’ media I’ll have to adopt a new way of thinking.

And then there’s the “Law of the handicap of a head start” – I’ll have to find a way to translate the whisky information on over a thousand static web pages into a new ‘responsive’ format that makes everything accessible to all the youngsters and hipsters that are accessing the world wide web on their smartphones and iPads. To make matters worse, I fumbled the transfer of the antique site to a new server, so I need to delve into the HTML code of all the old pages in order to repair some of the damage.

There’s some good news as well, though… A number of people have stepped up by supporting the reconstruction effort on Patreon. That’s greatly appreciated – and it does wonders for my motivation! Not only will the ‘hosting’ of Malt (Whisky) Madness be secured, I’ll also be able to invest in a few tools that should make the work on the site a little easier.

So, the reconstruction will take a while…

… but I’m making some decent progress in the background. Check out the homepage for regular updates – and/or follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

That’s it for now – gotta get back to work on the site…

2 thoughts on “The Reconstruction: Full Steam Ahead!”

  1. miss you – by far the most comprehensive, best written and enjoyable Scotch whisky site on the web – come back asap please!

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words, Martin!

      I’m hard at work in the background, but progress on the new site is slowed down by emergency repairs on the old site and the production of some ‘bonus’ content for my Patreon supporters. Furthermore, I’m trying to take advantage of the long summer days to shed some more excess body weight. You should see some new stuff in a few days though – and the progress should shift to a higher gear in a few months when wintery conditions force me to spend more time indoors… 😉

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